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West Hartford Chamber Awards

West Hartford Chamber Awards

Established in 1989 by the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, the Noah Webster Awards were originally given each year to multiple individuals or organizations in recognition of extraordinary commitment to the West Hartford community. In 1997 a Student category was added. The award was reimagined as a single award in 2009. Since then an individual or single organization has been presented with this signature award. It was at this time that additional Spotlight Awards were created to recognize other businesses, nonprofits, and individuals for their contributions and accomplishment.

In 2022 The Elizabeth Gustin Basil Women's Leadership Award was introduced as an additional signature award.  It was named in honor of the West Hartford Chamber's first woman board chairperson, who passed away in 2021.


Tracey Wilson Noah Webster Award

L-R (Kate Kobs - Director of Development & Programs, Chip Janiszewsk-Chairperson, Christopher Clarke - 1st Vice Chairperson, Mayor Shari Cantor, Tracey Wilson - Noah Webster Award Honoree, Chris Conway- President & CEO

Rhona Free - Elizabeth Gustin Basil Award 2022

(L-R) Chip Janiszewski, Kate Kobs, Robyn Rifkin, Mayor Shari Cantor, Dr. Rhona Free, Marianne Sawicki, Cynthia Basil Howard, Chris Conway

Elizabeth Gustin Basil Women's Leadership Award Honorees

2022 - Dr. Rhona Free

2023 - Carrianne Polo

Noah Webster Award Honorees

1989 Dr. Robert E. Dunn, Sis. M. Paton Ryan, WH Garden Club
1990 Lloyd Calvert, John Looby, S. Brita Tate
1991 James Ellis, Chris Larsen, Women’s Exchange
1992 Angelo Faenza, Joseph Essa, American School for the Deaf
1993 Gordon Bennett, Shirley Marsh, Paul O. Roedel
1994 Robert Donahue, Sam Pasco, Sis of Mercy Reg Com of CT
1995 Nan Lewis Glass, Richard F. Patrissi, JLH’s Clothes Horse
1996 Mario Gilardini, Norman P. Lee, Wendell Scott Stephenson

Richard Crowe, Robert Rowlson, Robert Walsh, Jr.

New student category: Amy Golden


Carl Donatelli, Barbara Gordon, Madeline McKernan

Student category: Catherine Anna Bue


Helen E. Dowd, CSJ; Harold Kraus, Ilze Krisst

Student:  Amylin Nagel


James Capodiece, Eleanor Horn, Haig Shaverdian

Student: Katherine DePalma


Heather Congdon & Dougie Trumble, Ken Hungerford, Ki Miller

Student:  Marisa B. Rodriquez


Deborah Buckley, John Lemega, Mims Butterworth, Ellsworth Grant, Richard Woodworth

Student:  Garrison Cross Woodfield


Paul T. Glover, Geri Mandell, Park Road Association

Student:  Jessica Lin


Winifred E. Coleman

Student: Micaela Connery

2005  Russell F. Pound, Jr.

Student: Julie Guest

2006 David Bradley
Student: Jeffrey Giliberto
2007 Ellen and Clem Sayers
Student: Geoffrey Carr
2008 Ronit Shoham`
Student: Rachel Piaker
2009 Doug Alexander

Playhouse on Park


2011                                    Chuck Joseph

2012                                    John Lemega

2013                                    Bepsie Perry, Richard Patrissi

2014                                    Robert Macca; Stephen Fisher

2015                                    David Dyson

2016                                    Scott Slifka

2017                                   Charlie Hilborn

2018                                   Ronni Newton

2019                                   Billy Grant III

2020                                   FoodShare

2021                                   Rick Liftig

2022                                   Christopher Clarke

2023                                   Tracey Wilson

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