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  • Minority Business Network

    The Minority Business Network (MBN), as a committee of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, was conceived as a means of providing visibility, networking opportunities and resources to Chamber members who are also members of underrepresented racial/ethnic/religious populations.   All members should approach participation with a willingness to help achieve the stated objectives of the committee.

    Our mission is to help connect our members with opportunities, connections and resources.

    We're looking to;

    • Increase visibility of minority owned businesses
    • Provide a discussion forum for the unique challenges faced by minority professionals
    • Increase diversity of Chamber membership

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  • We are coming to the table with a positive attitude and constructive feedback. We look forward to helping!

    We are coming at this from a purely positive standpoint, we want our businesses to improve and any criticism is in that spirit.

    We would like to cultivate a group that is friendly, growth-oriented, and willing to share information.

    These questions are designed to have a more pointed look at the businesses we work with, this way we can review the questions and determine a direction for the Mastermind session.

    We're looking to connect with Minority Owned/Represented businesses that we might be able to help work through specific challenges!

    Please Fill out this form and email to: CConway@WHChamber.com




    We have also had a generous offer from David Fortt of New Image Associates. He has offered to do behavioral profiles for our Mastermind Spotlights.

    "Business success requires communication, coordination, and collaboration with people. The ability to adapt in these areas is critical to surviving and thriving in both life and business. But, how do you adapt? Where’s the roadmap/ GPS? The answer is: get your behavioral profile!"

    Learn More about Behavioral Profiles and how they can help!


  • Events that we've done before to check out:

    Colorful Conversations Series:

    Discussion on the Election and what it means to Communities of Color

    Discussion of Barriers to Technology in Communities of Color


    Shea Lectures: (The Shea Lecture Series White Paper) 

    View the summary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8yIwTMg6qw


    Economic Disparity & Solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGrWMUHa8so

    Healthcare & Education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLZa8zP9KyE&t=7s

    Shea Lecture Solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZKu62YWoMM


    Other links to support the Minority Businesses in CT: