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  • West Hartford is a restaurant destination with eateries influenced by various nationalities and diverse atmospheres attracting an eclectic crowd and tourists from all over! 

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  • Dining in Bishops Corner

  • "At Blue Plate Kitchen in West Hartford, we have a simple philosophy when it comes to the food.


    We want to serve simple, contemporary comfort food. Bold flavors,  fresh ingredients , simple presentations. Eating out should be fun and satisfying, not pretentious and stuffy."

  • Ocho Cafe

    From We-Ha.com, Owner Edgar Brambila said his goal is to be as welcoming as possible to the neighborhood. “I want people to feel transformed as soon as they walk in the door – to feel like they’re in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun,” he said. “We want to be here for a couple of generations, and the only way we will be is by earning the community’s respect, their business." Creating a great first impression, having service second to none, and offering a unique menu are factors that makes Ocho Cafe successful.

  • Qdoba

    QDOBA Mexican Eats, a modern Mexican restaurant where you can relax with friends and revel in the many unique flavors and varieties that you can’t find anywhere else. Explore a full menu of classic Mexican entrées, including burritos (and burrito bowls!), quesadillas, nachos and signature flavors. And to sweeten the deal, we let you top your dish off with guacamole and queso, at no extra cost. 

  • Arugula

    "Arugula feels like a West Hartford institution in the best possible way. It also feels as though you've landed in a wonderful mediterranean trattoria, where the servers are friendly, the food is delicious, well-prepared, homey, and affordable, and the staff is relaxed about letting you linger with your friends over your bottle of wine or coffees. The salads are fresh and lively and the flat-bread[s] [...] are simply delicious [...]. It's makes a fun meal to share apps, salads, and pizza."

  • Dining in West Hartford Center

  • Grant's Restaurant

    We have much respect for the product and technique it takes to prepare our products. We offer casual elegance in a modern stylish environment. With a wide selection of cocktails, beer and wine, Grants Bar in West  Hartford  Center has long been a hot spot and an excellent option for drinks and inspired comfort foods.

  • Max's Oyster Bar

    Featuring modern renditions of classic American seafood, Max’s Oyster Bar menu has something for everyone. While seafood is the focal point, there are selections for even the most ardent landlubber. Ethnic influences are apparent throughout a menu filled with new interpretations on traditional fare. The raw bar offers an extensive variety of bi-coastal oysters and shellfish.

  • McLadden's

    McLadden's  promises neighborhood warmth and hospitality. This cozy gastropub & restaurant is a destination spot for those seeking a comfortable, laid back alternative to the glitzy martini bars and trendy modern establishments that dominate today's restaurant landscape. Come share a great time with family & friends.

  • Noble & Co

    West Hartford, Connecticut has a reputation as being trendy, hip, cool.  Noble & Co. can be found here, hidden in plain sight.

    The entrance is made to confuse. A subway access. HVAC mechanical room. Fallout shelter. Graffiti scrawls across white tiled walls. A steel door, dinged and dented. All create deception.

    Inside, an open elegant space. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The long  bar is topped with black marble, swirling smoke set against smooth squid ink stone. A cornucopia of liquors stretch to the ceiling at the back of the bar. Their specialty, whisky. A list of classic cocktails makes for a difficult decision.

  • Blue Elephant Trail

    • We use local produce as much as we can, supporting Connecticut and New England farmers and distributors who are our friends and neighbors. Local produce spends less time on a truck, so it is fresher and has less environmental impact. Buying local keeps jobs in Connecticut and supports our local economy;
    • We offer gluten-free versions of most of our dishes for those with specific dietary needs. If you let your server know ahead of time, we can also accommodate other food allergies and other restrictions;
    • We recycle our cooking oil through a partnership with Connecticut BioFuels into biodiesel, a clean-burning biodegradable non-toxic diesel alternative, helping to reduce negative environmental impact and reliance on overseas oil;
    • We participate in neighborhood events, town-wide festivals, regional fundraisers, and more! West Hartford and Connecticut have given a lot to our family, and it is our goal to give back even more.

    But even as we focus our attention on being a contributing member of this community, at the end of the day, it comes down to your dining experience. Dishes can be customized to any individual and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can do their best to help you navigate our menu.