• Business Districts

  • The town of West Hartford is broken into five business districts, each with an organization that supports it's members, organizes events and promotes business.

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    Why not start at The Center of everything? It’s all right here: exceptional shopping, delightful dining, and stellar services. West Hartford Center has  all the charm of a traditional main street shopping district, with many locally owned businesses striving to offer that old-fashioned personal service.  Come for a visit and discover for yourself why West Hartford Center is one of the best little downtowns in New England.

    Shop. Dine. Stroll. Join the experience!

    Follow West Hartford Center on Facebook and Instagram & find us at www.whartfordcenter.com


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    Elmwood Business Association is headed by Dr. Rick Liftig and meets on the first Friday of the month at 8:30 am at the Corner Pug. Established in the 1950's this group has weathered many changes in Elmwood has in the last few years has seen many positive business and residential additions to this community.
    They have a highly informative meeting with representatives from the police department and Town officials giving updates and reports to the membership. Elmwood is  walkable, eclectic, convenient and affordable with all of the West Hartford amenities you & your family seek.
    For more information contact Dr. Liftig at srick@snet.net or visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elmwoodct

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    The Park Road Association is a non-profit organization made up of businesses, property owners, residents and individuals. Its an advocate for the neighborhood and interacts with state and local government as needed to benefit of the neighborhood. The Association is involved in many activities which address safety, business promotion and quality of life issues.
    Members get to share their views at monthly meetings at which they also receive updates from the West Hartford Police Department and other governmental agencies. For more information, contact Tracy Flater,tflater@playhousetheatregroup.org, (860) 523-5900 ext. 12.
    Major annual events include the Park Road Parade, the Celebrity Breakfast and Park Road Awards Night.

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    The Design District of West Hartford is a not-for-profit association made up of trusted, knowledgeable professionals who offer exceptional products and superior service in home remodeling, design, fitness, wellness, media, retail, food, and hospitality. The Design District proudly represents a growing membership of diverse business owners who are dedicated to attracting new businesses to the 06110 zip code with a goal of contributing to neighborhood improvement through brand awareness, economic development, streetscaping, and beautification projects. Named Economic Driver of the Year for 2020 by the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, the Design District is proud to be at the forefront of revitalization in West Hartford. www.designdistrictct.com
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    The BCNA's mission is help foster the growth, it's appeal, and communicate out the wonderful features of Bishop's Corner.  We have a blend of commercial and residential properties that adds a unique touch to our neighborhood.  I feel that the BCNA acts as a custodian to help it's residents and property owners successfully coexist, says Jason Congdon, the current BCNA President.  Jason has been a local resident for over 40 years and has owned Abbydabby Ice Cream is Bishop's Corner or almost 10 years.  I am proud to represent Bishop's Corner as both a resident and business owner and can't stay enough about the BCNA team.  We have a great bunch watching out for Bishop's Corner!