• Membership Drive 2020

  • The West Hartford Chamber of Commerce has historically been a valuable resource for local business, especially in light of the economic and heath crises we have faced in the past several months.  During this difficult period of uncertainty, we have continued to provide support to our members and the entire community.  As a result, we have expanded programming and grown membership.


    We are currently holding a Membership Drive; any new member joining during this time will receive a valuable incentive package, with over $650 in free business tools.  That is in addition to the many benefits we always provide. 

    You can see firsthand a small snippet of what the Chamber does by attending our Friday morning Virtual AM Connections meetings! They are open to the public and we welcome anyone to try it out and see what a valuable resource the chamber can be for you!

  • If you have any interest in speaking with one of the Chamber team to learn more we would love an opportunity to learn more about your business and see which of our many offerings could help you and your organization achieve success. 

    Please reach out to so we can find a good time we can discuss this, either on the phone or by zoom.


    Executive Director

    Chris Conway

    Outreach and Development Coordinator

    Kate Kobs

    Membership Services Coordinator

    Jessie Bouclier