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      CTPTS differs from many other “big-box” corporate-owned, or hospital-based practices in 3 significant ways.
      1. All of our care is evidence-based and delivered by Doctors of Physical Therapy with ADVANCED CERTIFICATIONS in Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Vestibular Therapy and Concussion Management. Many other practices employ UNLICENSED non-skilled therapy aides to oversee exercise programs, apply hot packs, ice packs and other modalities such as ultrasound or laser treatments that are UNSUPPORTED by scientific evidence/clinical studies. CTPTS does not employ or support the use of aides to provide physical therapy interventions to patients/clients.
      2. CTPTS’ clinicians guide clinical decision-making and obtain the best clinical outcomes by adhering to an EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE MODEL. EBPM takes into account: a. the patient’s values, opinions and beliefs; b. the clinician’s professional experience and; c. scientific information obtained from randomized clinical trials. An integral part of this approach is understanding lifestyle and nutritional factors as they relate to tissue-healing and recovery. CTPTS clinicians either address these issues directly, or through referral to the appropriate healthcare professional.
      3. CTPTS Clinicians develop a “PHYSICAL THERAPY DIAGNOSIS” (PTD). Ascribing a PTD is a critical component of care often overlooked by clinicians in other practices who do not practice EBPM. PT diagnoses are “Movement System Impairments” (MSI) derived through analysis and identification of the faulty movement pattern(s).