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  • Health & Wellness Committee

  • Mission

    Our mission, to connect local residents and businesses to Health and Wellness resources.


    With a strong demographic of Health & Wellness businesses in West Hartford and a health conscious community, this committee serves to find ways to connect these local businesses with each other and residents. Chamber members in various Health & Wellness industries have a great opportunity for referrals to one another through Chamber events and meetings. This committee also discusses pertinent topics and presents this information in the form of articles that may be featured in the "Weekly View" or in a member seminar.This committee also has the ability to speak in both personal capacities and large corporate settings on wellness topics. 

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  • Health and Wellness Speaking Topics

    If you see anything your company would like to hear about, please email Jennifer Van Beckum, javanbeckum@iglide.net 

    • Allergy and Asthma Related:
      • Seasonal allergies/hay fever
      • Asthma
      • Food Allergies
      • Food allergies vs. food intolerances
      • Colds vs. allergies
      • Anaphylaxis/allergic reactions
      • Bee/wasp allergies
      • Anything related to these areas
    • Reiki Related
      • What is Reiki and How It Can Help You
      • How Reiki Releases/Relieves Stress
      • How Reiki Helps With Anxiety, Depression and PTSD
      • How Reiki Helps Physical Ailments/Diseases
      • EFT/Tapping To Release Negative Paradigms And Increase Income
      • The Law of Attraction-How and Why It Works
      • Meditation
    • Medical System Related
      • The Technologies Driving Tomorrow’s Healthcare Solutions
      • The Growing Use and Demand of Telemedicine
      • Medical Debt: Why Supplemental Benefits should be a priority on every smart preparation checklist
      • Supplemental Insurance helps cover the expenses health insurance doesn’t: How Does it Work? What exactly is covered?
      • What Supplemental Insurance IS and IS NOT:  A different Kind of Insurance
      • Peace of Mind: Protecting Yourself, Your Family, Your Business Against Financial Stress
    • Massage and Stress Related
      • Massage and Migraines
      • Stress Relief techniques
      • Everything You Wanted to Know About Massage...But Were Afraid to Ask!
      • How to Use Essential Oils Safely and Effectively
      • How Massage Therapy Can Lead to a Healthy Life
      • Beginner’s Meditation
      • The Benefits of Receiving Massage on a Regular Basis
      • The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Skin and Establishing a Routine at Home
      • The Benefits of Stretch and Controlled Breathing
      • Posture and Why it’s Important to Maintain Good Posture Whenever Possible
      • How to Decide What Type of Massage is Right for You?
    • Health and Going Green
      • Why is a Good Night’s Sleep So Elusive These Days? And What To Do About It.
      • Greening Your Home: Simple Steps to Creating a Healthier Environment For Your Family
      • Reducing Toxin Overload-Five Easy Steps
      • Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide
      • Should I Be Taking a Multivitamin? Why Most People Need Supplementation in Today’s World
      • We Are All Sales People: A Fresh Perspective on Networking
    • Breast Health and Thermography
      • Breast thermography a non-invasive, radiation free method to screen for breast changes and cancer early.
      • Breast health how to keep your breasts healthy for a lifetime.
      • Detoxification easy, daily self care tips to help with detoxification to help keep your immune system functioning properly. 
    • Wellness Both Personal and Workplace Related‚Äč
      • Workplace Wellness:  Comprehensive programs that help companies tie their  health and wellness message into a corporate strategy.  Results are improved general employee health, improved morale, and less turnover.
      • Senior Wellness:  Programs that target seniors living in an elder care facility to improve cardiovascular function, strength, flexibility, balance intellectual stimulation and more.
      • Physician Practice Growth:  Programs and services to medical practices that improve the care of their patients while providing revenue to the practice.


    Cailin McBee -  Balance Massage Therapy and Wellness Center