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  • Member Benefits for Corporate Enterprises

  • Become a Cornerstone Business

    Larger companies provide many jobs for local professionals and become cornerstone businesses for communities.

  • Goal:

    Corporations strive to attract skilled professionals to their teams and engage in the community to build positive report with residents and potential customers.

  • Increase Your Community Engagement

    • Larger companies must invest in their communities to attract keep long-term talent .
    • Consumers purchase from companies that are involved in local humanitarian efforts. The Chamber has many nonprofits and opportunities for partnerships.
    • As a major player in the local economy, larger businesses who participate in the Chamber are able to stay in the loop with local government and legislation that may affect their industry.
  • Fill Your Job Openings

    • The Chamber community is a great way to find skilled professionals for corporate recruitment
  • Join a Committee to Deepen Relationships

    • The Chamber has a variety of committees that are groups of members with specific purposes to serve the Chamber. Representatives of larger businesses are able to build connections with other corporations as well as small local businesses.
  • Increase Your Visibility in the Community

    • Hot deals are member to member discounts that are advertised on the website. Members can add and edit their promotions by logging into their Chamber member account.
    • Members have the opportunity to post their events on the Chamber website through their member account.
    • Fundraising events are a great way to increase your local exposure and meet people outside your immediate network. The Chamber can connect businesses with local causes to plan an event and help promote the fundraiser.