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  • Committee and the Crews

    FLOW is helmed by Committee Chair Maura Keating of Keating Agency Insurance.  Maura also holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce.  Her role in guiding FLOW is supported by the heads of various Crews.

  • Ambassadors Ambassadors

    Advocates of FLOW, help connect members to eachother at events and in the community

  • Programming and Educational Events Programming and Educational Events

    Establish educational opportunities of interest to membership and design programs to communicate relevant information to members

    Head of the Crew: Eric Bergenn of New England Financial Services

  • Philanthropy and Community Liaisons Philanthropy and Community Liaisons

    Promote, develop and orchestrate community-based events in partnership with local non-profits

  • Social Events Social Events

    Responsible for public image of FLOW including social media marketing and planning social events. Help to promote awareness of other events in town that are cohesive with FLOW’s mission and of interest to membership

    Co-Heads of the Crew: Dr. Shayna Burke, Allergy And Asthma Family Care; Jessie Bouclier, Member Services for the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce 

  • Membership Membership

    Develop membership base and stay in contact with members regarding upcoming opportunities

  • Sponsorship Sponsorship

    Source FLOW sponsors, and maintain positive relationships with sponsoring businesses that support FLOW

    To sponsor FLOW programming, please contact :Kate Kobs, Outreach and Development for the West Hartford Chamber. kate@whchamber.com